Free Adult English
Literacy Tutoring


Welcome to Manatee Literacy Council!  We look forward to helping you on your journey to becoming literate in English!  

All new learners will pay a one-time $20 registration fee.  This fee covers your initial assessment to help us understand how we can best assist you in your learning.  As long as you are an active member of our Council, you will never have to pay this fee again.  If you are inactive for over a year, we will need to charge you another registration fee in order to re-activate your account.

All classes with the Manatee Literacy Council are free for residents of Manatee County.  That includes tutoring and conversation classes.  If you are not a resident of Manatee County, you may still attend our conversation classes but we will require a monthly $10 subscription fee for the classes.  Non-residents will be assessed when they first join Manatee Literacy, but you will not be eligible to be matched with a tutor.  We will help you try to find additional literacy services in your community.  You may attend our virtual conversation classes as long as you are up-to-date with your monthly $10 fee.

If you are a Manatee resident - please pay the one-time fee of $20 below.  If you are a NON-RESIDENT of Manatee, you must pay the one-time $20 registration fee AND pay the monthly $10 fee to participate in our virtual classes. 

Manatee Literacy Council
3501 Cortez Road West, Suite 6, Bradenton, FL 34210