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Teacher standing in a class of adult learners

If you are working with a learner that has a very basic understanding of the English Language, you might want to check out this video!  “Effective Strategies for Working with Low-Level Basic Literacy Learners”.  This webinar features evidence-based practices for supporting low-level basic literacy students as they develop their reading and writing skills. They review different resources available to help learners and tutors move forward, discuss some strategies on how to keep the lessons interesting.

If you are working with a low-level learner (or are just curious!), this would be a great webinar for you.   We are always grateful to ProLiteracy for making educational resources available to our organization!  Remember, we have a great lending library at the office to help you with support materials.  Call us for our office hours.

Link to the Webinar here:  https://youtu.be/qZRMqo_hbq4

Presenter: Ann Marie Barter, Consultant